Why do Builder’s need to be Licensed?

We take our product seriously. Our goal is to ensure that our Customers are getting the best built products possible. That’s why we’ve created a License which must be obtained by every Builder that wants to build one of our Home designs.

First and foremost, we want to make for certain, that those that build any of our Homes are experienced Builders that are licensed as a General Contractor within their state and fully insured in case something goes wrong.

Additionally, the License gives permission to build the Home and to use the plans. It is an agreement that the Builder will not commercialize our design or build more than one structure for the Customer. It is binding to the Builder so they can’t sell the plans or redistribute them in any way, outside of the purpose of building the Customer’s home. It creates an agreement with the Builder so they won’t change the plans in any way. It also protects our company against losses, injuries or damage claims. In addition, it keeps our plans and system confidential.

At the end of the day, this type of licensing system benefits the eventual Owner of the Home. By making a strong commitment to our brand and intellectual property, Everywhere® Homes will maintain a much higher value, which will result in a potential benefit to all of the Home Owners.

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