The Ayfraym Tiny

Exact same form factor as the standard Ayfraym but with only one bedroom and one bathroom. It’s 859 square feet of the perfect little cabin getaway.

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Total Square Footage


First Floor Square Footage


Second Floor Square Footage


Footprint Dimensions

38′ x 44′

Roof height








Total Square Footage                                           859

First Floor Square Footage                                  708

Second Floor Square Footage                             151

Footprint Dimensions                                 38′ x 44′

Roof Height                                                            31′

Bedrooms                                                               1

Bathrooms                                                              1

Windows                                                               31

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contrary to some of the old (pre-Covid) articles that can be found online, we don’t sell kits anymore. We experienced some major problems with kits. First, the appraisal value is much lower than a traditionally-built home. Secondly, we had so many customers wanting to customize their floor plans, so this ruined a lot of the kit system we had in place initially. We also found many cannot get loans on kits, which became problematic. We were also sending materials in shipping containers and since Covid happened, the logistics and costs around this didn’t make sense any more.

We now work with the Builder locally to source as many products and materials near the build site, to cut costs down and make everything more efficient.

Pricing is a very difficult thing to figure out because every parcel is different and every region is different in terms of labor costs, municipal requirements, Builder availability and the ability to get materials to the build site.

We’ve created a helpful outline to help you determine a ballpark estimate for what the pricing could be for your home:

At this time we don’t offer in-house financing. Your local lending institution shouldn’t have an issue helping you out.

Plan on about 12-18 months from start to finish after creating an account with us, to completing any customizations you have with the floor plan, site planning & engineering, to finalizing your materials, going through the permitting process and completing your build.

Yes. You need a lot more than just a simple set of plans.

We’ve built an online platform to help you get prepped for your build permit because we initially only started selling JUST plans and had many of our customers needing help with various items that are involved in the pre-construction process to where you can actually receive a permit to build your new home.

So when you’re buying plans online from any number of floor plan websites, this is something to keep in mind.

Some of the things you will be needing outside of just a simple floor plan for your home are the following:

  • Site Plan drawings from a Civil Engineer licensed in your State
  • Structural Engineered drawings and load calculations from a licensed Engineer in your State
  • Detailed architectural drawings
  • MEP Engineered plans
  • Materials lists and specifications

Coordinating all of the above on your own terms can be difficult. This is why we’ve built a platform to help you handle and manage all of the above in one place, online.


We have an in-house team, ready to help you with almost any customizations you can dream up! We charge $3/SF for square footage based adjustments, $95 per item and a minimum project cost of $995.

To make a request for customizations, please do the following:

  1. Create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Go to the Checklist page
  4. Scroll down to ‘Customize Floor Plan’
  5. Submit your request

Yes we can help you find land.

Please visit our Land Concierge page to learn more.

Since your Builder will be sourcing the materials, we allow you to make suggestions on any of the materials or finishes you’d like to customize.

As a starting point, we ask you within the Dashboard, on the Checklist Page and on the ‘Pre-Build’ tab, if you’d like to change any of the materials or finishes outside of what you see when you view the 3D rendering models on our website. From there you can let us know if you want to change things like countertops, paints, flooring, appliances, etc.

In order to build an Everywhere® Home, we require the following:

  • Builder has signed a Builder License Agreement with us
  • Builder is a Licensed General Contractor
  • Builder has proof of insurance

More information about how to become a licensed Builder can be found here:

The snow load rating will vary depending on where your home will be built.

Since we aren’t offering a kit — we engineer each and every build separately. This means that if your county requires a specific snow load rating, the plans will be engineered specifically to meet that rating.

We also do this for wind, seismic, soil etc.


Keep in mind, we are NOT a kit company so if you can find a Builder in your country to source the materials, you can build an Everywhere® Home in your country, no problem.

Ready to build the Ayfraym Tiny?

No matter where you’re at along your journey, we have a service to help you!

Ready to build the Ayfraym?

No matter where you’re at along your journey, we have a service to help you!

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Reimagining the Future of Home Construction

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