Congrats on taking the first step in moving forward to building your own AYFRAYM. If you’re reading this, you’ve either decided or are thinking about having Everywhere, Inc. manage the build from start to finish. That’s great and there’s several benefits that will come with that as you can read more about it in the “Pros & Cons” list below.

We decided to create this “New Build Guide” page for you, in order to make a somewhat complex process seem a bit more simple. We strive for simplicity, so by following the checklist below, you will for sure have a much easier road ahead, than if you set out on this journey alone.

Our goal is to connect you with a Builder so we can complete your build in the shortest amount of time possible. These Builders will help you from start to finish and have been vetted by our team to ensure you’re working with the right people with the same goals clearly aligned. Don’t have land yet? No problem. Our Builders are connected to local Agents that know the specs of the AYFRAYM inside and out and will find you the perfect piece of property.


  • Save time and the hassle of doing it yourself
  • We do everything from land excavation to the final walkthrough
  • Work with our network of Preferred Builders across the globe
  • Your AYFRAYM will be built to our exact specs, standards and quality
  • Your build will include a authenticity verified metal badge with unique serial number
  • Your AYFRAYM will include a 30-year warranty on our construction
  • You will have access to our ‘Airbnb-Ready’ program for short-term rental opportunities
  • Your AYFRAYM will be promoted from within our network of marketing channels and social media
  • You will be included in our resell program that finds a buyer when it’s time to sell
  • (1) Tiny Home pad will be included on your property


  • You can’t modify the plans in any way
  • Potentially more expensive

We will connect you with one of our local ‘Preferred Builder Partners’ in your area. They will be available to setup an initial meeting with you in person or over the phone to discuss specifics such as overall cost and also help answer your detailed questions related to the construction process.

Only through this Preferred Builder Partner will you be able to build an authentic AYFRAYM that can be promoted as such. This will allow you to use the word ‘AYFRAYM’ on your short-term rental listings and you will be able to list it as an AYFRAYM when you sell. Your Builder Partner will install a verified metal seal badge that will be accessible within the framing of your home, and will include an engraved serial number to verify authenticity.

In order to keep the project organized and yourself happy and up-to-speed with progress, we’ve decided to use as our management software of choice. is incredibly simple to use and really intuitive. You will be connected to your builder via **Make sure you watch for your invite email. Check spam and junk folders**

Once you login and join our account, you will soon be connected with your Preferred Local Builder. You can kick things off on the first task by asking all of the questions you need answer in regards to the AYFRAYM, your property, the process, etc.

Here are the main components of the software:

Boards are essentially your projects or each individual AYFRAYM build you will work on. They are organized on the left side of the screen and are structured in the following format: overall # of build, State/country abbreviation & your last name. For example, ‘AYFRAYM #171 – CA/Kennedy’.

The Builder
On your AYFRAYM board, we will also invite your Preferred Builder to it and you will be able to go through each task, comment on things, receive answers to questions, etc.

“Pulses” (Tasks)
Pulses are line-item tasks on your board that relate to the construction of the AYFRAYM. You can make comments on pulses, depending on the pulse, you can assign yourself or your Builder so they will have the obligation of completing the pulse. You also have the ability to add a status to the pulse so you both understand where it currently stands in your work flow. Example statuses are: Working on it, Stuck, Done. But you can also add your own labels as well. In addition you can assign a date to the pulse as well.

Your Builder will be notified each time you comment on or modify a pulse on your AYFRAYM board. This creates a great two-way communication system for staying on top of tasks!

Want to see a full embedded demo of a board? Click here!

Overview Video

Download the App has a mobile app for iOS or Android. Use the links below to download:

  • Sign up for an AYFRAYM via
  • Receive welcome email from Everywhere Team
  • Begin process to be aligned with a local “Preferred Builder” in your area
  • Receive introduction email to local “Preferred Builder” along with a link to the “Property Details” form where more information on your land is collected for the builder. If you don’t have land yet, your Builder will help you out by connecting you to a trusted Agent. 
  • Fill out and submit the “Property Details” form
  • Receive email response from your “Preferred Builder” that will answer your questions and ask any new ones that may help determine the cost of your build
  • Schedule a “Property Review” either directly with your Builder or through this form.
  • Builder will send you a rough contract to review for your build
  • Both you and the Builder will sign the Final Contract
  • Get a Loan for your AYFRAYM build through your preferred lending institution.
  • Money is deposited and the build now begins.

Once your AYFRAYM has been completed, WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Please email us at or message us via Instagram, or feel free to tag us and hashtag with #AYFRAYM.

We will be creating a section on our site of completed builds so potential customers can see what they look like in the real world. We can also link to your Airbnb listing if you have one!

Once your authentic AYFRAYM has been completed. You’re free to promote it as a true AYFRAYM. If you decide to list it on Airbnb or similar booking sites, you have permission to list it using ‘AYFRAYM’ in the title, as it’s been verified. Those that don’t build through our Preferred Builder Network have not built a verified AYFRAYM, therefore they cannot claim such and reap the rewards for doing so.

We’d be more than happy to promote your Airbnb listing is up, so let us know by emailing us at!

When it comes time to sell your AYFRAYM, we will list it on our site free of charge to help you find interested buyers.

And since you went through our network of Preferred Builder Partners, you have permission to list it as an authentic AYFRAYM! We’d prefer you to list it in the following format: {year purchase} Everywhere AYFRAYM. (i.e. 2019 Everywhere AYFRAYM)

Ready to list it for sale? Just email us at!

How much does an AYFRAYM cost? 

The simple answer is, most likely between $250k-$350k of our team of Preferred Builders manages the build. The more accurate answer is, we won’t know until we understand all the variables we’re dealing with from the location, to all the land nuances, to your utilities and other crucial factors. This is why it’s important that we connect you to a local Builder that can answer these questions more in-depth for you.

How long does it take from start to finish?

Once we start the actual build on the structure after prepping the lot, it won’t take more than 3-6 months to complete the construction!

What do I need to have on my land?

You need to decide whether your build will be on-grid or off grid. If on-grid, it’s good to have access to all of the utilities nearby. Either already established on the property itself or at the property line. Water, Power & Sewer. If you’re off-grid , you need to make sure you have access to water either through a well or via a large cistern that can hold water for you. You will also need a septic tank for your black and grey water. If you’re going to be using solar, do some research on sunlight in the area to ensure you will have enough sustainable energy to live off of.

How much space do I need to build an AYFRAYM?

The total footprint of the AYFRAYM with the deck is 32′ x 60′. Without the deck it’s roughly 30′ x 44′. You will need to plan for a driveway to the AYFRAYM and plan for landscaping around the structure as well. So make sure to take these things into consideration when thinking about space.

What does the 30 year warranty cover?

Anything structural, mainly having to do with the foundation, framing, floor joists and the walls. If a board cracks or the floor starts to sag, it would be covered under the warranty. Most of the products and materials used within the AYFRAYM will also come with their own individual warranties as well.

What is the tiny home pad that comes with the build?

We have tiny home customers that are constantly looking for unique places to live and stay. Our tiny homes are built like an RV using a 50amp receptacle, a 3″ RV drain and a city water hose connection. We can offset the monthly cost of your loan by allowing our customers to stay on your property for an average of around $300-$500 per spot. So having this tiny home pad could be a great future investment.

What type of foundation can this be built on?

We can build this on slab on-grade, pier and beam or pier and beam with a crawlspace. Each have positives and negatives but the Builder you work with will have strong recommendations for you based on the climate you live in and the soil on your land.

What is the R value of the insulation? 

We don’t use a set R value as the R value you use in Ottawa, Canada will differ greatly from the R value in San Diego. Your Builder Partner you work with knows your climate and will ensure that the proper insulation is taken into consideration and used in your AYFRAYM build.

Does the AYFRAYM only come in one-size and one floorplan?


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