Everywhere, Inc. announces Blueprint ID

Today we will be rolling out Blueprint ID to all of our Ayfraym™ Plans customers.

All of our plans will be stamped with a special ID to prevent from theft and copyright violations and will ensure your Ayfraym™ has even more value as it becomes more unique and genuine.

If you’ve purchased plans already, we will email you a unique Blueprint ID, that will be associated with  your purchase. So don’t worry! More info regarding Blueprint ID will be made available in 2020.

About Blueprint ID

Blueprint ID makes it easy for Architects or Construction Companies to digitally imprint each page of their blueprints with a trackable ID code. Simultaneously the Blueprint ID can create data on the user or purchaser of the blueprints. Making it incredibly simple to associate their purchase of the blueprints to the actual construction of the structure along with every to-do item and timestamp along the way.