Everywhere® Turn-Key Process

1. Client purchases plans on everywhereco.com

2. Determine if modifications are being made to the floorplan

3. Complete any modifications to the floorplan

4. Client signs Pre-construction agreement


Pre-construction Agreement

  • The goal of the agreement is to get Client to assign a project manager to help Client receive their build permit
  • 5% deposit on estimated turn-key pricing required
  • A project manager will be assigned by Everywhere
  • A land review will take place to determine utility lot variables like utility connections, soil tests, excavation costs, etc.


Pre-construction agreements can be found here: 


9. All documentation from land review and existing documents like land deeds, topographical surveys, etc. are submitted to Everywhere team

10. A site plan is created

11. Structural engineering and calculations are completed

12. Project Manager will contact the city/county of where build is located and find out the checklist of information needed to submit plans to the city for the construction permit

  • A complete materials list is provided based on structural engineering requirements
  • A General Contractor is assigned to the project
  • We create a PDF project booklet for the Client that includes an overview of the project so the Client can look professional when seeking financing 
  • Client signs construction agreement 


Construction Agreement

  • The goal of the construction agreement is to outline and acquire the needed funds for the project and to assign the General Contractor 
  • Client agrees to pass on all liability of construction to the General Contractor and not to Everywhere, Inc.
  • Client understands that Everywhere, Inc., is the agency of record to manage the process in completing the construction but is not performing the construction 


13. General Contractor will send the plans to subcontractors to determine schedules

14.  General Contractor will give all information to the Insulation company to generate the RES-check form for the permit

15. General Contractor will give the HVAC company the plans and RES-check to produce the manuals J & D for the permit

16. Project Manager will review all final materials & details with the Client to ensure vision is aligned with the construction

17. All plans are submitted to the city/county for the build permit

18. Plans are ready for pickup from the city and construction can begin

19. Lot clearing

20. Survey and lot staking of the home on the lot for excavation is done at this time, prepping for excavation

21. There are generally several inspections required by the city/county depending on where you are building. The inspections in most cases are as follows:

    • Footings
    • Foundations
    • Sub-rough plumbing (underground plumbing)
    • Sometimes a compaction certificate on backfill of foundation is required
    • 4-way inspection (Framing, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Perm power, Gas)
    • Insulation inspection
    • Drywall nailing inspection
    • Exterior home wrap inspection
    • Shower pan inspection (tile showers)
    • Final inspection (Certificate of Occupancy)

22. Once all inspection items are passed off with the city (depending on time of year bonds might be in place until spring for items such as sidewalks or landscaping) and the General Contractor has completed all items as per the scope of work with the Client, the Client can then move into the property and the project is complete.