The Hutch – Coming Summer 2020

The ideal starter home for creative individuals or young couples alike. Our favorite features are the high ceilings, bi-fold glass garage door that opens to your favorite view, the integrated king bed with storage underneath and of course the roof top chill deck.

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312 Sq. Feet

13' x 24'

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

How do you build an Everywhere® Home?

We've simplified the construction process.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars with an Architect. We’ve already created perfect plans and you can get them for an affordable price of $295!

After you have aligned with a Builder, the next step is to create a Site Plan for how your new home will be positioned on your land.

Because of all the variables that exist with local code and lot conditions, we need to engineer your plans in order to obtain a build permit.

We’ve made it incredibly simple for Builders to utilize our deliverable materials bundle that will be dropped right on your build site.

W H A T   W I L L   I T   C O S T ?

$79,000 USD for materials + $13,000 to $25,000 in labor*

In order to get the materials to build a Hutch, you need to start with a set of plans. You can pre-order the plans for $295 by clicking the button below. Inside of your plans package, you’ll notice a QR code that links to your materials scheduling & delivery order form.

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*Based on estimated labor averages in the United States.

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