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Finding the right land and then being able to acquire it, can be an extremely difficult task! Especially when many Real Estate Agents are out of the loop when it comes to new home construction. We take our knowledge in constructing our homes, and tailor it to finding you the perfect piece of land that will work for your specific build and budget.

While most Real Estate Agents are optimizing for selling existing homes, our dedicated Land Concierge Team focuses on raw land for the sole purpose of construction. Here is a partial list of some of the things you can expect your Land Concierge to assist you with:

  • Slope and grades for optimal construction
  • Utilities connections
  • Setback rules and max roof heights
  • Floodplain data
  • Excavation/earth work/rock & tree removal
  • Making an offer & going under contract
  • Contractual understanding
  • Due diligence on your Land
  • Due diligence on your Seller
  • Surveying
  • Septic permitting
  • Topo mapping
  • Site planning

Deliverable: We will help you go under contract on a perfect piece of property

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