*NOTE* Moving forward with this package is impossible without completing Site Planning & Engineering. Without it, we won’t know all of the structural details and types of lumber that will be used which affects everything. No Builder will give you an accurate bid without these things. 

You’re ready to build!

If you’ve completed Site Planning & Engineering, you are ready to move forward with your build. Congrats! This means we need to take all of the documents we have and gather bids and start having conversations with local Builders about the style of construction we will be performing and all the details surrounding it.

In this stage we will make sure we finalize all of the materials and the associated costs around them. Once we’ve got bids, we can select the best candidate for the build and we will work with them on getting your construction permit.


  • Final detailed materials list
  • Local Builder research
  • Plan package sent out to local Builders for Bids
  • Working with Builder to finalize all documents for permitting

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