We’ve learned a lot over the past couple years about construction and how our homes need to be built. Today we’re announcing a new direction for 2021 and beyond.


We’ve also listened very closely to real Customers with real concerns. We’ve taken all of the feedback in and thought very deeply about all of it. Since launching the Ayfraym in May of 2019, we’ve had hundreds of people wanting to build it or thinking about building it at some point in the future. Hundreds of people have nearly turned into thousands. Throw COVID-19 into the mix and you have a very unique yet challenging situation.

The biggest issue we experience today is with pricing and our builder network. There’s a massive “chicken-and-egg” issue happening in the construction industry. People want to know what the total price will be to build their home, and don’t want to purchase plans and work towards it until they do. Up until today, we’ve been experimenting with different ways of doing this. But now, I think we will be able to provide transparent, fixed pricing and remove all bottlenecks so that the entire process makes a lot of sense going forward.

I believe the future of construction will be mobile. Whether the home is a pre-fab modular build or built traditionally on-site isn’t really the argument. I think those two options will play out and there will be a clear winner when the time is right. For now, a traditional build makes a lot more sense. But we’re seeing an increase in the amount of people that want to buy a large lot, outside of a traditional neighborhood. This means the construction crew has to come to them. In a lot of cases, these builds are in rural or off-grid areas.

So starting today, we are going to begin the process of establishing mobile crews to come to you to build your home. We will manage the entire operation for you. The best part is, it will have a fixed priced and will be easy to understand. We will work with a General Contractor in your state on the permitting and then have a mobile crew do everything in between.

Will it be perfect out of the gate? Of course not. But we have to make this next step. If we don’t, we won’t be in a position to help the thousands of people that want to build our homes. That’s important to us! The last thing we want is to be the one to crush your dreams because your local builder doesn’t want to build something outside his comfort zone. This is the main issue we saw with our builder network program. It’s also very hard to control the quality and process.

So please join us. Support us. Help us as we take this large leap into the next phase of our company. With your help, we will make sure we help you build your dream home or getaway you’ve always wanted. If you want to travel and be part of the mobile crew, please apply here.


Thank you for reading and all the best!


Brand Winnie