Inspired by the cabin his grandpa Fred, designed and built in the 1970s in Teton Valley, Idaho, Everywhere® co-founder Brand Winnie always wanted to follow in his footsteps. After spending years researching the market on the various types of cabins that could be built, he decided on the classic A-Frame cabin or “vacation home” that grew in popularity in the 50s and 60s.

The simple style combined with the balanced aesthetic became a huge motivator for Brand. His goal was to renew the vintage relic of the past in a modern and appealing way. The objective was to create a structure that was affordable yet beautiful, but also allowed for DIY applications so you could save even more money but still have a great outcome.

Another piece of the pie when it came to motivation for creating the AYFRAYM was when a young married couple walked into the Everywhere Headquarters in Lehi, Utah.  They explained that they had been looking for architects and contractors to design and build them an A-Frame for nearly two years but had been unsuccessful. At this moment, Brand knew they we’re on the right track and had to keep pressing forward to see it through to completion.

Today, May 29th, 2019 Everywhere, Inc. is officially launching AYFRAYM to the public.

Since February, we have been designing, refining and gathering feedback via an Instagram account we set up at the username, @AYFRAYM. From day one, the feedback has been incredibly positive but it wasn’t until we posted the first interior shot that we really did start to see some legitimate traction. Since that time the Instagram account went from 1,000 followers to well over 7,000 and we’ve done very well with pre-order sales of the construction plans.

Next week, Construction Plan Boxes will begin shipping to all of our pre-order Customers and regular orders will begin shipping after that. We also have multiple Customers that want to begin building the AYFRAYM starting in June. We’re incredibly thrilled to be at this stage where we have product to ship out to Customers worldwide!

AYFRAYM Specs & Features

  • Starts at $252,000+. See Map for estimates.
  • 1,574 SF
  • 3 Bedrooms (optional bunk room or office)
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 41 windows
  • 3 large wooden decks
  • Vaulted kitchen and living area
  • 9 foot ceilings on first floor
  • Upper loft with lookout windows
  • Large storage areas
  • 3-zone Ductless mini split HVAC system
  • Concrete countertops, showers & sinks
  • Minimal cabinetry with hardwareless drawers

Build Options for our Customers

We have 3 different options for how to go about making our customer’s AYFRAYM dreams a reality. Below are the pros and cons of each option, and our Customers can choose the best path for them individually:


  • Save time and the hassle of doing it yourself
  • We do everything from land excavation to the final walkthrough
  • Work with our network of trusted builders across the globe
  • Your AYFRAYM will be built to our exact specs, standards and quality
  • Your build will include a authenticity verified metal badge with unique serial number
  • Your AYFRAYM will include a 30-year warranty on our construction
  • You will have access to our ‘Airbnb-Ready’ program for short-term rental opportunities
  • Your AYFRAYM will be promoted from within our network of marketing channels and social media
  • You will be included in our resell program that finds a buyer when it’s time to sell
  • (1) Tiny Home pad will be included on your property


  • You can’t modify the plans in any way
  • Potentially more expensive


  • You can modify the plans
  • Work with a friend or family member
  • You can purchase our AYFRAYM Finish Package so your build uses the same materials we do


  • Your cabin will NOT be an official AYFRAYM, built by us
  • This process will take more time, than if you had just hired us
  • The builder you hire, may not be able to complete all tasks related to the build
  • We can’t guarantee the quality or outcome of your build
  • The 30-year warranty becomes void
  • Any short-term rental management will have to be managed by you
  • We will not be able to promote your cabin within our network
  • You will not have access to our resell program


  • You get the satisfaction of building something on your own
  • You will save a lot of money
  • You can order DIY Kits from everywhereco.com (coming soon)
  • You can purchase our Finish & Furnish Packages to get your cabin exactly like our AYFRAYM


  • It could take 2-5 times longer to complete the build on your own
  • Your cabin will NOT be an official AYFRAYM
  • The opportunity for a 30-year warranty becomes void
  • Any short-term rental management will have to be managed by you
  • We will not be able to promote your cabin within our network
  • You will not have access to our resell program

Builder Network

35+ builders covering 20 different states and counting!

Our builder network is growing and the interest level to build something simple with a smaller footprint is on trend. In order to efficiently and effectively scale the production of the AYFRAYM all over the globe, we’ve begun to establish a strong Builder network comprised of licensed contractors in each state we hope to build our products in. These Builder partners will be building the AYFRAYM exclusively for their county or region. We will ensure that our Builder partners adhere to our exact specs, standards and quality. They will also be equipped with our verified metal badges with unique serial numbers that verify and authenticate each build that is managed by our own team.

Licensed Contractors that would like to become an exclusive builder for our Customers in their specific area can use the following form to join our network: https://everywhereco.com/ayfraym/builder/

Real Estate Agent Network

Similar to the Builder Network, the Real Estate Agent Network is designed as a means to help Customers in a scalable way, starting with the United States, then into Canada and eventually all over the globe. We’ve noticed many of our initial pre-order Customers need help with finding land. By creating an interconnected network of like-minded agents all over the globe, we know we can achieve the outcome that our Customers are deserving of.

Licensed Real Estate agents that would like to become an exclusive land partner for our Customers in their specific area can use the following form to join our network: https://everywhereco.com/ayfraym/real-estate-agent/

Construction Plans & The Box

Everything starts with the box of plans. In other words, there will never be an AYFRAYM that is built, without first purchasing our plans so that the Customer has access to all the right specs and information necessary to build one. Plans can be purchased for $1,950 USD online only for now, at the following link: https://everywhereco.com/product/ayfraym-cabin-construction-plans-pre-order/

The plans come in a box and show up on our customers doorstep within about two weeks after ordering. Here’s what comes in the box:

  • 36″ x 24″ Printed Plans
  • Imperial or Metric System Available
  • A Flash Drive with PDF Plans
  • Dimensions & Elevations
  • Section Views
  • Foundation Plan
  • Decking Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Timber Framing Plan & Materials Schedule
  • Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC Plan with Materials Schedule

Other goodies that come in the box:

  • Reading materials and discount codes to cool “cabiney” stuff.
  • Everywhere® door knob
  • Everywhere® hammer
  • Everywhere® hat
  • Other small surprises


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