You don't need to talk to a Builder, just yet.

A Builder needs to have confidence that you’re prepared to build.

First, find a home that fits your budget.

Next, prep for a build permit.

Once you have accomplished all of the above, a Builder is going to be a lot easier to approach due to the majority of the pre-construction items being completed.

Going to a Builder when you have no land and you just have ideas, is a HUGE red flag. We can help you get prepped though our pre-construction services so you can save a lot of time and potential frustration.

How can I build this?


Managed by the Everywhere® Team.

New construction isn’t very easy. But let us make it seem easy, for you. Our team will put your mind at ease as we handle everything from start to finish so you don’t have to stress about it.

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Our materials. Your own Builder.

Have your own Builder picked out but you want us to provide you all the materials? We’ve got you covered! We’ll source everything for you and have it delivered right to your lot.

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Your own materials. Your own Builder.

If you’re wanting to purchase plans and use your own Builder to source the materials, we can help with engineering, stamped plans, 3D + CAD files as well as detailed materials lists. 

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* ALL pricing is subject to change without notice. CA Customers can expect an additional 25% on top of the base pricing for Managed Builds & Materials options, due to additional architectural, engineering, energy and permitting requirements by the state of CA.