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Due to the overwhelming demand for the AYFRAYM, we’ve decided to take deposits on the builds we will be managing through our team of trusted builders throughout the country. The purpose of this deposit is to hold 3 spots per state, of which our team will be managing those 3 builds over the next 12 months.

You can still purchase the AYFRAYM Construction Plans whenever you want to build the AYFRAYM yourself or hand them off to a local contractor. The benefits attached to us building it will be voided however. Please see the Pros & Cons below…

This deposit includes a set of AYFRAYM plans which are required in order to have your AYFRAYM built by our network of trusted builders across the United States.

Here are the Pros & Cons about having our team manage your AYFRAYM build:


  • – Save time and the hassle of doing it yourself
  • – We do everything from land excavation to the final walkthrough
  • – Work with our network of trusted builders across the globe
  • – Your AYFRAYM will be built to our exact specs, standards and quality
  • – Your build will include a authenticity verified metal badge with unique serial number
  • – Your AYFRAYM will include a 30-year warranty on our construction
  • – You will have access to our ‘Airbnb-Ready’ program for short-term rental opportunities
  • – Your AYFRAYM will be promoted from within our network of marketing channels and social media
  • – You will be included in our resell program that finds a buyer when it’s time to sell
  • – (1) Tiny Home pad will be included on your property


  • – You can’t modify the plans in any way
  • – Potentially more expensive