Starter Guide


The Starter Guide is the perfect PDF download to help make sense of your new home building journey. It’s a well-designed, easy-to-understand document that you can reference back and forth as much as you’d like. It also includes a 25% discount code for when you’re ready to purchase your Starter Plans!

Here are the topics, covered in the Starter Guide:

Plan & Land
1. Purchase Starter Plans
2. Acquire Land
3. Complete Land Survey
4. Solve Utilities Connections
5. Locate Power & Water Sources
6. Customizing the Floor Plan
7. Approve The Floor Plan

1. Submit Documents for Site Plan
2. Site Plan Review
3. Approve Site Plan
4. Decide on Build Options
5. Financing
6. Deposit Payment
7. Receive Stamped/Engineered Plans
8. Connecting with a Builder (Builder Map access)
9. Finalizing Your Builder
10. Approve Materials & Appliances
11. Submit for Build Permit
12. Receive Build Permit
13. Order Materials



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