What is Roam to Own?

First and foremost, Roam to Own is a rent-to-own program designed to fix the current housing mess that is happening in America. Aside from that it’s a super cool way to not have to be like everyone else and rent out an apartment you can’t own or put way too much money towards an overpriced house. Our homes are beautiful, have wheels and can be moved from place to place!

Example rental term length and pricing

Includes free transport services
every 90 days


5 year term – $2,316 a month
10 year term – $1,324 a month
15 year term – $994 a month

$499 deposit to start! 

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Includes free transport services
every 90 days


5 year term – $1,983 a month
10 year term – $1,158 a month
15 year term – $883 a month

$499 deposit to start!

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Includes free transport services
every 90 days


5 year term – $1,649 a month
10 year term – $991 a month
15 year term – $772 a month

$499 deposit to start!

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A network of interconnected pieces of land 

We’re creating a network of interconnected land located approximately 300-500 miles apart from each other across the United States. The land will be your basecamp to adventure and your new home for at least 3 months at a time. After your 3 months are up, you can choose to extend your stay, or have your tiny home moved to any of the other available spots on the land within our network.

True Nomadic Living

We thought about van life but most people get tired of it after 6 months or so and are dying for a bigger space. Why not mix the two together? Your home, moved all across the country every 3 months.

Incredible Locations

Our goal is to open up land space as close to the most scenic National and State Parks around. We do this so you can always have inspiration that is not too far away. Work hard, play hard is real!

Managed on a simple app

Pay your rent, send maintenance requests, and discover incredible places to explore all from your phone. Our app will keep your living experience minimal and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to put down for my down payment?
We require just a $499 deposit.

What happens after I make my payment?
We’ll send you a confirmation email that states we will take the next 90 days to find land for your tiny home. We will also work on finding a financial partner for your tiny home as well. Once that’s complete we will move to the next step.

Will I get a refund on my deposit if you don’t find land or a financial partner?
Absolutely. No questions asked.

Do I have to worry about getting a loan?
NO WAY! All of your payments will be made to us. That’s kind of the whole point of this. We want to make affordable housing simple and easy, for all. No banks. No mortgages. No huge down payments.

Will I have any input on the land you select? 
We will work with you to do our best to select land that will be a great fit for a tiny home and will legally allow you to live there. We strive for quality in all that we do, so the land we select will be no different.

Can I rent this out on Airbnb for other people to stay in while I’m making payments?
No, unfortunately this will be against our terms. Our goal is to help solve the housing crisis with this initiative, not make it worse. If you’d like to partner with us for Airbnb booking, we can build ‘Airbnb Ready’ tiny homes and match you with an incredible piece of property. Just contact us for more info!

What if I’m late for a rent payment?
If you cannot pay rent within 5 days of the 1st of the month, there will be a $200 fee for your next months rent.

Can I move out whenever I want?
At the beginning of each year of your term, you will sign a contract for 12 months. Your terms and length of payment will always stay the same, but you must sign at least a 12 month agreement.

What if I want to sell the tiny home before I pay it off? 
This is not like a car loan unfortunately, so you wouldn’t be getting a title and wouldn’t have a way to sell it.

What if I get a job or something where I have to move?
After you’ve lived in the tiny home for a minimum of 12 months, we need at least 90 days notice if you plan to vacate the tiny home before it’s paid off. Once you leave, we will move the tiny home to a different location or find a buyer.

Can I move to a new location? How much would that cost? 
Our goal is to build a network of interconnected pieces of land no more than 300-500 miles apart from each other. Once another location pops up within that 300-500 mile range, we can move your tiny home for you for free, every 90 days as long as land is available.

How do I pay rent?
Through or in the future, our mobile applications.

Can I replace a light fixture if I don’t like it?
Until you own the tiny home, we would not like you to change any of the standard options, fixtures and appliances that come with the home. This guarantees us that in the event if something happens and you’re not able to pay rent, or you want to vacate the tiny home, we will still have the same interior that we started with.

I have land and I don’t use it. It just sits there and costs me money. Can I help?
Of course! Please email us at

I’m a real estate investor, can I be a part of this? 
Absolutely! Please email us at

Are you ready?

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