Ready for your new ADU?

Salt Lake City, Utah Welcomes Accessory Dwelling Units!

This is really big news! SLC is getting rid of their 25 per year Accessory Dwelling Unit rule and allowing an unlimited amount of permits to be submitted for approval. This is a huge first step in the right direction towards affordable housing within the Salt Lake City area.

We can convert any of our tiny homes to an ADU for your backyard!

With 3 models and 6 styles to chose from, you now have 18 different options available to convert any of our tiny homes on wheels into an Accessory Dwelling Unit! Select any of the models below to begin figuring out which model matches your style best.

What are the Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Increased Home Value

Because of their potential and their long-awaited debut in Salt Lake City, Accessory Dwelling Units are in high demand and if you add one to your property, expect the valuation to go up giving you a nice ROI.

Offset Mortgage Costs

The rental income from an ADU can offset your mortgage costs and get you into the price range you want on your home. This is true for existing homes and even your next home you want to purchase.

Helping Loved Ones

Accessory Dwelling Units are a great way to help your loved ones. Whether it’s a teenager who wants more privacy, your grandmother that needs assistance, or a family that needs a short-term living solution.

Affordable, yet Well-Designed Housing in SLC

Salt Lake City Accessory Dwelling Unit Articles and Resources:

Salt Lake City mother-in-law apartment ordinance is back, expected for a vote in coming weeks

One of the most hotly contested yet wonky issues in Salt Lake City government is making its way back into a potential ordinance. That is, to allow accessory dwelling units — also known as mother-in-law apartments — citywide. In other words, an accessory dwelling unit is a second living space built next to or attached to an existing home (in the basement, over a garage, or in a separate building) on a single-family property.

Salt Lake City Council approves mother-in-law apartment ordinance

The Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance to allow accessory dwelling units, also known as mother-in-law apartments, citywide. “We have spent an enormous, an amazing amount of time on this ordinance. And I think we need to pass it tonight and see how it shakes out in our community … and come back and revisit it in two to three years and see how it’s taken shape,” said Councilman Derek Kitchen prior to Tuesday’s vote.

Salt Lake City now has a city-wide ADU ordinance

After nearly a decade in the works, Salt Lake City has a new Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance (ADU).  On Tuesday, October 16, in a 5 to 1 vote the Salt Lake City Council adopted the ADU ordinance that will allow local residents to build smaller accessory residential units, often referred to as granny flats or mother-in-law apartments, on their properties.  Councilmember Charlie Luke was the lone dissenting vote and councilmember Amy Fowler was absent for the vote.