Ever since living in two South Pacific Island nations, learning their culture, eating their food, and speaking their languages fluently, Everywhere founder Brand Winnie was hooked to travel. The quest for adventure, self discovery and taking risk is now permanently flowing in his veins. His hope that we can convince the masses to venture into the great unknown, even if scary and daunting, will always live on through Everywhere via the people, customers and employees that are apart of it.

After working his way up as a self taught entrepreneur and designer, Brand decided to leave Southern California and his nice salary as a Creative Director at a software startup. It was time to make a change. That yearning for open roads along with new lands hidden behind the next corner was calling. This time it could not be ignored. The social feed could only be scrolled so many times before wanting to see these places firsthand.

Convincing his wife and 3 kids to get on board (which wasn’t hard), they moved out, put everything in storage, bought a 30 foot travel trailer and set out on a 20,000 mile journey through the American West. They collaborated with a bunch of unique brands along the way and remodeled the trailer to feel just like a home. A gathering place, to be as cozy as possible while traveling throughout the West.

Everywhere they went they were met people filled with intrigue and enthusiasm about giving everything up to travel and also how they were able to take an old trailer and turn it into a modern looking home on wheels. This sentiment opened our eyes to the opportunity in front of us. To us, home is incredibly important. Especially while traveling. This is why we still yearn to create a house that feels like a home and will be near you everywhere you go.

Since that 6 month journey through the West our lives have never been the same. The memories will never fade. We set out to create Everywhere as a way to connect with the unique places around us and never imagined we would end up handcrafting beautiful and affordable homes that people can travel with or travel to. We literally made a 30 foot trailer into our home. We became obsessed with alternative living and crafting a home from scratch. We knew this new mentality gained from traveling and living from a small space could affect a larger vision for the future.

We came back from traveling the west and went straight back to the drawing board to take in everything we had learned from this unique experience. We had developed a new style. A new method of doing things. A new outlook on life. A new way to motivate and connect with others. A new vision for how people can live. A new plan to create small homes on wheels for anyone to experience what we did.

So that’s the direction we moved toward… tiny homes.

We bought some office space in Lehi, Utah and started building tiny homes on wheels as we thought that was the next logical step to carry on our vision of living out of small spaces while exploring unique places. We quickly learned that the tiny home industry was very young and was a complete mess. Our customers had trouble getting loans and finding land to legally live out of tiny homes. Our $9,000/month rent was getting expensive while we were struggling to figure out how to help people wanting to live out of a rolling home on wheels.

Needing a way to solve cash flow issues quickly, Brand had an idea to take his knowledge of construction from building tiny homes and develop a new home design that could be built on a foundation and would not have the same financial and legal hurdles the tiny homes presented. After pondering this idea for weeks, it finally dawned on him to build a cabin. Similar to what his Grandpa Fred had done in the 70s in Teton Valley, Idaho. Brand took that legacy Fred had left and wanted to build on top of it and design a cabin from scratch. After doing some searching, he found out that A-frame cabins had stopped being built in the 70s and never really gained popularity again. He wondered why and made the decision to design a new one from scratch to see if it could help solve the cash flow issues.

The first interior renderings of the Ayfraym were released on April 28th, 2019 on Instagram and the post went viral, amassing over 23,000 likes in less than 24 hours. There was an instant love formed for the Ayfraym overnight and we were immediately bombarded with emails and messages from people asking how to build one.

Featured Builds

Flash forward to today and we have developed our own proprietary software system from scratch and over 5,000 people (as of April 2022) have created an account to build our homes! The Ayfraym is already being requested to be built in many countries all over the world! In addition to worldwide adoption, Ayfrayms are being built all over the United States and Canada! 2022 will see close to 50 built and 2023 will be double that amount.

Our methodology and platform is working. We are improving the experience each day and we are making moves to scale the production in the coming months and years ahead! More home models will continue to be added over time.