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Limited Edition Tiny Home Timeline

  1. Brand/Influencer fills out questionnaire
  2. Brand/Influencer signs MOU agreement
  3. Brand/Influencer pays 50% of 3D rendering & design fee. Everywhere pays remaining 50%.
  4. Everywhere creates a mood board and presents to Brand/Influencer
  5. Mood board revision & approval process
  6. Materials & furnishings selection & approval process
  7. 3D rendering process
  8. Final approval
  9. feature of tiny home
  10. Press release and launch


How many Limited Edition Tiny Homes are you creating with other brands/influencers like myself? 

We are only focusing on a very small select few from categories and subcultures that represent our brand well. Because we are very niche and very focused, this limits the amount of people and areas of interest we will target.


Will you be cross-promoting the tiny home?

YES! Once we have approval on the design and after we announce the partnership, we will consistently promote the content from the process that we will be documenting from start to finish. This will be in the form of Instagram story posts, feed posts, Twitter, email and maybe YouTube.


Will I be required to sell all 15 tiny homes?

No, there is no requirement on how many you sell. Your commissions will be based on the tiny homes that do sell. If you only sell 1, you will only receive commission for 1.


Will all 15 homes be built at once? How will the homes be manufactured? 

No we will build these homes on-demand, which is why it is crucial to have everything planned and prepped and realistic 3D renders created as we can build exactly what we can design in 3D. All the homes will be manufactured from our Facility in Utah.


Can I get a discount if I buy one of these for myself? 

Yes! We can offer a 30% discount on whatever we determine the final price to be for the tiny home.


Why is there a design & collaboration fee?

In order to give customers the visuals they need to make a purchase decisions, they need to see what it will look like and we do that with very high quality 3D renders and they aren’t cheap. Also, many people are going to be committing time to this entire process and we want to make sure there is some sort of compensation to those dedicated to making this happen.