One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “I want to travel but I can’t do it with my job. How can I get paid to travel?”. This IS the billion dollar question, but the answer to it is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Why? Because hundreds and thousands of people, just like you have done it. We’ve done it!

So we’re busy working behind the scenes to create a resource for everyone to go to that inspires them to find ways to work while traveling and also maybe find a job that will support their lifestyle.

We’re calling it W.A.L.E. which stands for ‘Work Anywhere. Live Everywhere’ and it’s starting to become our mantra. If we can’t successfully help people find work while traveling, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to accomplish the minimal living paradigm shift we’ve set out to accomplish. This is going to be an amazing 2018.

More on this soon. In the meantime — figure out how to W.A.L.E.!