October 12, 2019

We think the AYFRAYM has a chance of becoming a new cultural phenomenon when it comes to the housing market. We’ve created a new category for retail. But with it, comes a new focus and a new way of thinking, which is always difficult to execute.

Our vision for the future of our products is to get them into brick & mortar retail — starting with the AYFRAYM. Check out some of the concepts below for how we plan to do this. Starting with Schematic Construction Plans which will allow customers to purchase the plans at a much lower cost and to motivate them to push forward with a build at a future date.

The lower cost on plans will mean more purchases and more construction projects completed. But we also have to educate the consumer upfront about the process and what it actually takes to build an AYFRAYM. Stay tuned for more on our push into retail soon!