Meet the AYFRAYM.

The AYFRAYM is a beautiful 1,574 square foot A-Frame Cabin, inspired by the popular vacation homes of the 1960s. The AYFRAYM features three large walkout cedar decks, large custom windows, vaulted ceilings with rustic-modern wood beams. It includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of those bedrooms is a unique bunk room that includes 4 bunk spaces for comfortable sleeping. An upper loft with lookout windows at the very top of the cabin is a fun way to escape and get cozy with your favorite book.

1,574 Sq. Feet

32' x 60'

Sleeps up to 8

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

41 Windows

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In the U.S., you can expect to pay between $280k to $340k (depending on where you live), for one of our Licensed Builder Partners to manage your build. This includes permits, basic site work to prep for the build, foundation and the rest of the build from start to finish and final walkthrough. This also includes the finishing materials and labor to match interior visuals above.

Outside the United States will vary and we are working on partnerships outside the country to provide more detailed estimates in the near future.

If you want to DIY it, we will be selling kits that can be shipped to your property and assembled on-site. Learn more here.

Yes & no. If you’re purchasing the Build Package, you are required to build the Ayfraym as-is. However, if you’re looking to modify the plans, the only way to do that is to purchase the Ayfraym Modify Package. This will include a CAD file, Materials Schedules and a full set of Construction Plans.

If you need help modifying the plans, we can help you out! We’ve created Ayfraym Architect Services to be your partner when it comes to modifying the Ayfraym design. We only charge $3 per square foot of modification and we’re ready to help today! Click here to get started!

You can either receive the digital version of the plans or a printed copy of 36″ x 24″ blueprints shipped to your home. If don’t have land yet and you’re just getting started, check out the Ayfraym™ Starter Package. If you do have land and you’re ready to begin, the Ayfraym™ Build Package is what you need!

For digital plans, it should be within 24 hours of your purchase. If you’ve ordered printed plans that will be shipped to your home, we try to print the plans out within a week and ship the following week. We’ve been backlogged on printing lately due to demand, so digital plans are always a good bet if you’re in a hurry!

A Building Contractor, Structural Engineer, and Land Surveyor will be necessary to begin construction on your AYFRAYM, but a Landscape Architect and Energy Consultant are also strongly recommended. Also, our team at Everywhere can assist with every aspect of Interior Design as well.

Yes of course. We’ve got over 60 Builder Partners across the United States and we’re adding more and more every day. Even international Builders!

You cannot reproduce the drawings and give them to anyone who is not working on your build. This is a violation of our copyright.

You can copy the Construction Documents as many times as needed for your Building Contractor and other professionals that will assist with the build of your AYFRAYM. You can use your local printing company for large format printing.

.Each AYFRAYM plan purchased may only be built once. If you want to build a development with multiple AYFRAYM’s please contact Brand Winnie at

All AYFRAYM design document sales are final.

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