First of all, you’re going to love working with us! We’ve created a system to continually bring you hot leads that want to build our AYFRAYM product. Perhaps the best part is, they already know what they’re getting! There will be no back and forth, change orders or headaches that come with most of your typical builds you’ve seen in the past.

We’ve created a system to allow you to efficiently communicate with us, other builders within our network doing the same thing, and of course the client. On top of that, we’re using intuitive software that will allow you to organize your builds that suit your own workflow and process. All while keeping the client in the loop!

We’ve created this Preferred Builder Guide to give you an overview of what our system looks like. Hope you enjoy!

In order to move forward as a Preferred Builder Partner for Everywhere, Inc., we need to have you sign 3 documents. After the documents have been signed we can then officially add you to our system and set you up on Slack and

Here are the agreements that need to be completed:

The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a standard document that protects us and our ideas from being disclosed to anyone else, especially to other companies.

The Non-Compete Agreement agreement protects us from replicating the processes we’ve worked very hard to perfect, so that it can’t be copied. It also protects us from our Partners building a similar product or working with companies doing something similar.

Preferred Builder Agreement:
The Preferred Builder Agreement is a simple document that states that for each build, Everywhere, Inc. will receive 7% of the total price to the Client, minus any real estate costs. This does include construction variables on the land however. It also states that the Preferred Builder should agree to using our methods of communication and management to ensure we are all on the same page throughout the process.

Slack works better than email for communicating effectively with large groups. We’ve created a Slack account for all of our Preferred Builder Partners to utilize to communicate with us and each other regarding the process and how we can make it better.

One thing you’ll notice in our Slack Group is that we’re pumping all of our leads that come in, into Slack. So you’ll always be notified about what’s coming in and where it’s located.

We’ve organized the Slack Group to include channels for each state. So along the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll notice each channel organized alphabetically starting with #alabama, #alaska, #arizona, etc. Each of these channels will be a place to post updates to, communicate with other builders or just check out the latest incoming leads for that particular state.

Slack Overview Video

Download the App

Slack has a mobile app for iOS or Android. Check out the links below to download:

Every Client is different. Some will have a ton of questions, some might not have any. Some might want you to call them, and some might be fine with a few text messages. Whatever the case may be, the initial kick-off meeting with the Client is incredibly important.

The method of communication isn’t as important as accomplishing the goals at hand, which are:

  • Answering the Client’s questions
  • Building trust with the Client and becoming their friend
  • Helping them to understand their Construction Plans and theĀ build process
  • Prepping them to sign the Construction Agreement

In the initial kick-off meeting or sets of meetings, you should try to focus on the above and develop a path towards breaking ground on the AYFRAYM build.

The agreement for the actual build will be between your company and the Client. Not through Everywhere, Inc., as we are not licensed and insured in each state like our Preferred Builders are.

A 7% Design/Management line item should be added to the Construction Agreement which will be paid to Everywhere, Inc. for the service we provide. This does not include real estate if the client is purchasing land and bundling it into the loan. This does include variables on the construction of the land however. For example if we have to put in a long driveway or modify the land for the build, the way we see it, is that the AYFRAYM created this opportunity for all of us and as such, that value needs to be honored in any circumstances related to the build.