1. Plan & Land

The Plan & Land phase is the first phase in your journey to building an Everywhere® Home. The purpose is to take you from acquiring land, to understanding your land and ensuring the home you’re interested in will fit on that land.

Purchasing Starter Plans

Purchasing the Starter Plans are a great first step and investment into your new home construction project. They’ll show you all the basic details you’ll need to ensure that some important things are being considered. First and foremost they provide all the dimensions of the rooms and footprint so you should be able to get an understanding of where your home can fit on your lot and how big all of the rooms will be. This will also help you understand if you need to make any customizations to the plans, so that they become better suited to your municipalities requirements or to just add or take away square footage. The other thing to consider is to make sure your HOA is on board with the style of home you want to build. Having the Starter Plans to send to them, is very helpful.

Acquiring Your Land

Obviously if you don’t have a plot of land, it’s going to be impossible to build one of our homes. So make sure you have land, but most importantly, make sure the land is suitable for the type of home you plan to build on it. We have a Land Concierge service that can help you find the best lot within your budget, and specifically for the purpose of building your exact home model.

Completing a Survey

Before starting your Site Planning you will need a survey. Surveys show exact lot lines and topography for your lot. In many cases, a survey may have already been recorded with the local municipality when the lot was subdivided.

Solving the Utility Connections

It’s important to know how your new home will connect with the local utilities. For example, you need to understand if municipal water is available or you will have to rely on a well. Or you might need a septic tank for sewage if municipal sewer services aren’t available. There will be costs associated with these things and more work to be done before construction can begin, so it’s imperative to understand this portion of the Plan & Land Phase.

Locating your Utilities on your Property

Once you understand what types of utilities connections you have. It’s important to know where they will be located. The survey should be able to visually identify the locations of your utilities. If not, once you have a Site Plan created, they will be identified on the Site Plan.

Customizing the Floor Plan

You have the ability to customize the standard set of Starter Plans we offer. You may want to add a bathtub, extend the living space or add a basement. Almost anything you can dream up, our team can help you accomplish. Customization requests can be submitted via the Checklist Page and they usually take 2-3 weeks to receive first drafts back from our team.