Feasibility Analysis


Before your new home can be built, we need to ensure there aren’t going to be any unforeseen roadblocks or challenges during construction. 

We do this through a Feasibility Analysis. The goal with this analysis is to give the green light in moving forward on your project. Ideally we want everyone to be comfortable and on the same page. We also want to better understand the requirements and limitations of your project. 

During the analysis, we can help perform any of the following to assist you:

  • – Parcel research & inspections;
  • – Surveyor due diligence & referral;
  • – Survey research & inspections;
  • – Municipal research & reviews;
  • – Municipal communications;
  • – Civil engineering recommendations;
  • – and Site plan recommendations.

Our team will be laser focused on setback rules, height restrictions, HOA guidelines, municipal and code requirements, along with anything else that would pertain to a successful permitting process with your city or county.



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