Looking to buy Land in Connecticut for a new Home?

We’ve developed a unique service that is much better than reaching out to a Real Estate Agent directly. We call it Land Concierge. Land Concierge is better than a traditional Real Estate Agent selling land because our system looks at your land from a Builder’s perspective. If your goal is to build a new home on your land, this is the service for you. Don’t waste time dealing with Real Estate Agents that have no idea what you need to know in order to build your new home.

What does the Land Concierge service provide?

While most Real Estate Agents are optimizing for selling existing homes, our dedicated Land Concierge Team focuses on raw land for the sole purpose of construction. Here is a partial list of some of the things you can expect your Land Concierge to assist you with:

  • Slope and grades for optimal construction
  • Utilities connections
  • Setback rules and max roof heights
  • Floodplain data
  • Excavation/earth work/rock & tree removal
  • Making an offer & going under contract
  • Contractual understanding
  • Due diligence on your Land
  • Due diligence on your Seller
  • Surveying
  • Septic permitting
  • Topo mapping
  • Site planning

What Homes can I build through Land Concierge?

The Land Concierge service is designed to work perfectly with Everywhere® Brand Homes. Our Land Concierge knows our models inside and out and  will be able to interface better between you and the listing agent selling the land, more than any other home designs out there. Please check out the models we’re offering below:

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